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Guest Editorial:  Can Shawna Forde Get a Fair Trial in Tucson's Superheated Atmosphere?

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Phone calls recorded with Dutch Joens the last week of December, 2010.  Listen to all 3 parts:  PART 1  PART 2  PART 3

Courtesy Dutch Joens radio show.

December 6, 2010


Life can change in a heartbeat.  I’ve always known that.  I’ve lived the truth of that statement literally from the day I was born.

I sometimes see those moments coming; I sense them, anticipate them, as if they have an aura that precedes their arrival.

I see one coming now.  Adrenaline runs through my bloodstream like rocket fuel.  My heart pounds like a piston as the words, “You’re DEAD, bitch!” pound my senses through my phone.  I hang up as I try to keep the smile on my face, continuing through the crowd.  People want to shake my hand, and yell encouragement as I exit the stage where I just delivered a speech on illegal immigration. 

I’m exhausted, and the endless death threats or the name-calling by the protesters outside never stops. 

A woman approaches me with tears in her eyes, and as she tells me her son was murdered by an illegal, she hands me a hat she spent all night knitting when she heard I was coming to town.  The red, white and blue cap touches my heart…as my phone rings again.

“They did it again!” the man says, and proceeds to tell me that he has to shut his company down because he cannot compete with illegals.  I feel his anger and shock.  Many Americans are stunned, not knowing what to do.  There are no jobs, no benefits, while illegals stream into every community.  I hang up.

The TV cameras are in my face, and the media is pressing so closely that I cannot breathe.  A soldier walks up to me, and I already know it’s not going to be good.  He says he needs to talk to me, so I ask him to follow me outside, around the back, and away from the crowd. 

As we sit, he tells me that his daughter Lizzy was born with half a heart and when they tried to get an operation that would give her a chance, the benefits were not available.  He came home to bury his 6 year old daughter.

I shared his grief and remembered earlier an older man who lost his wife in the emergency room.  Despite her having the flu with a high temperature, they had to wait 7 hours because of illegals clogging the hospital.  His wife died in his arms in the ER waiting room.  The look on his face was as devoid of hope then as was the soldier sharing his story.  All of them, including the contractor who had just called me, were in despair and pain.

So many Americans feel deep loss, grief and hopelessness from this illegal alien epidemic, yet when they speak out, they are shunned and called “racists!”

 Racist—that is the word I hate the most; it is the cloak the wrong-doers hide behind.  Are Americans not allowed to grieve, to want a future, to want a job?  My heart feels heavy from the weight, as my phone rings again.

 Once again, I hear:  “You’re DEAD, bitch!”

 I walk back to the crowd to do my press interview.  I put my knitted cap on and smile to myself.  Another day as an American patriot.

September 30, 2010

Ranchers and Cartel Takeovers

 In 2008 I interviewed a gentleman outside of Campo, California who had to move away from his property due to being held at gunpoint several times a month during smuggling activities.  I’ve interviewed several Americans from California to Texas who have experienced threats while living on the border.  This is not a new problem for ranchers!

It may be new to some of them due to new fences being constructed and smuggling routes changing.  New victims are sure to fall prey to drug cartels, but this is in no way a new issue to American landowners along the southern border corridor.  What has changed is the life-threatening violence due to territory wars and cartels’ desperation to move their product into our country.

Americans are known to be weak in defending themselves; they won’t shoot intruders or hold them at gunpoint.  The cartels are well aware of this and laugh at us.  On the other hand, if you were smuggling something into Mexico, and were detected, you would be killed!

But in America, of course not!  We have to turn on the lights so no intruder trips, or they will sue the homeowner.  Welcome to America, land of the free…to pay taxes.  Let’s face it; everyone south of the border is aware of our laws and rights and they take full advantage.  If an American gets gutsy, they kill him.  If one American is killed, it puts fear into hundreds, and that’s a pretty good deal for the cartel.

I’ve interviewed cartel members and they are not threatened by us in the least.  They mock us and say American men are pathetic cowards.  Coming from a corrupt society, it’s easy to see why they don’t understand our “rule of law,” our way of life.

To be fair, however, I don’t understand some of it myself.  Why are we not allowed to protect our property?  We will see this invasion by hostile forces become the norm rather than the exception until America secures her borders and means it! 

Otherwise…welcome your new neighbors, and some day be forced to surrender your border property and border towns, because they are coming to your neighborhood soon.  So you have two choices:  you can defend yourself or you can turn the lights on and assist the invasion.

September 14, 2010

Come to the Benefit for Shawna Oct 2!
Sail Inn, 26 S Farmer Ave, Tempe, AZ
Media is welcome, but has to pay to get in just like everyone else.  Arizona writer  Laine Lawless will be be there to talk about Shawna.
All proceeds will be donated to Shawna for her commissary needs and phone calls.

September 13, 2010

What’s the Case Against Minuteman Shawna Forde?

A guest editorial by Laine Lawless

The media makes the case against Shawna sound like it's a slam-dunk.  Are they lying to us again?

Every time someone is accused of a heinous crime the media constantly bleat the government’s position, and repeat the charges against the defendants endlessly in every article.  This is propaganda of the lowest kind, akin to advertising, and is based on the assumption that the more times something is repeated, the more likely others are to remember it, so when the time comes, everyone who has been exposed to media lies will remember and repeat them.  (Watch other criminal cases proceed through the justice system, and judge for yourselves.)

What does the prosecution have against Shawna Forde?  Let’s review what they DON’T HAVE first: no eyewitness who can identify her as being present at the crime;  no physical evidence, like DNA or fingerprints; no admission of guilt on her part.  What did they have?  Jason Bush’s confession, which placed Shawna and Albert Gaxiola at the scene.  This went to what was likely an extremely prejudiced grand jury and was the basis for their indictments and subsequent arrests.  A legal observer would then ask:  how was the confession obtained?  If it was obtained by violating the rules of evidence, then it cannot be admissible.  Was the defendant coerced, was he placed under duress, was he under the influence, was he in pain, was he promised some reward in exchange for making it (like medical treatment), was the confession, in other words, INVOLUNTARY?  It any of these are correct, then it is not admissible at trial.  In fact, once Gaxiola’s and Forde’s cases were severed from Bush’s, then I believe the confession was made inadmissible.

OK, so what has the prosecutor got?  Nothing but hearsay witnesses!  And hearsay, I’ve heard, is not admissible in court.  There is a reason why The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde has said the Shawna Forde case is like a Ginsu knife commercial:  just when you think you’ve gotten to the end, “but wait--there’s MORE!”  Once the cases were severed, and it was known the confession could not be used, then up pops the prosecutor with the lie that some of the victims’ jewelry was found in Shawna’s purse when she was arrested!   The fact is, Shawna spent half the year traveling, and when she left home she brought all the other things any woman would bring with her for a long trip:  several changes of clothes, makeup, jewelry, shoes, etc.  There is no PROOF (which is required at trial) that the jewelry belongs to anyone other than Shawna.  There is the first lie exploded.

Many of you casual observers are not aware, having not read the Pima County Sheriff’s 150 page Media Release (which was later WITHDRAWN from circulation) that the FIRST SUSPECT in the murders was Oin Oakstar.  He was living with his girlfriend at the time, Sandy Stroup, and their Arivaca home was raided by the Pima County SWAT 9 hours after the murders were committed!  Oakstar is a twice-convicted drug dealer, a lifelong substance abuser, and he was found in possession of firearms, which would automatically send him back to prison.  He spent 6 months in Pima County Jail before he decided to accept a deal which gave him his freedom in exchange for testimony against the defendants.  Why did he spend so much time in jail if he knew something?  Wouldn’t he likely have “given up” the defendants much earlier to save his own skin?  This was the second piece of “evidence”  trotted out by the prosecution, after Oakstar and all the defendants had spent 6 months in jail.  Yet what did Oakstar say when first asked by detectives about Shawna Forde?  “Who the f*** is Shawna Forde?” The fact that he didn’t know her at all will come out at trial.

The surviving victim, Gina Gonzalez, has claimed that the woman accompanying the trigger man the night of the murders was a “short, fat white woman.”  Shawna doesn’t fit that description, but Sandy Stroup, Oakstar’s girlfriend, does.  Yet Gonzalez cannot identify the “short, fat white woman,” and when she was shown a lineup of women including Shawna Forde, she could not pick her out!  And some wonder why, in what was obviously a drug cartel hit, Gina Gonzalez survived, and was NOT shot in the head, execution-style, just like the other 2 deceased.  The 911 tape which was released to the media was heavily edited and does not portray an accurate chronological flow of events.

Shawna Forde’s attorney has said, “there is no evidence against my client.”  He’s a veteran felony murder lawyer with 20 years experience, and I think he knows what he’s talking about.  So the only question I have is, why is Shawna still in jail, if there is no case?  I thought when there was no evidence, defendants were let go!  Oh, but wait--there’s MORE!  Pima County can’t allow Shawna Forde to be released, as it would interrupt their railroading of her!  They have to make their point that no American citizen is welcome on the border, especially if they are against the government corruption which permits drug smuggling and human trafficking (the sexual exploitation of women and children)!

This case is living proof of the incredible bias of the media, as they do not truthfully report any of the news which would tend to exonerate Shawna Forde; all they carry is the damning propaganda put out by the prosecutor’s office.  Let’s all do what we can to help Shawna through this difficult time:  write her letters of support, pray for her, send her money so she can buy necessities through the jail commissary, and support her websites:,, and this one.  And for those of you who remain unconvinced:  save your judgment for January 2011, the date of her trial, as all defendants, according to American justice tradition, are assumed to be innocent prior to trial.

May 18, 2010

Shawna on Sheriff Dupnik and SB 1070

Dupnik is an IDIOT!  If he doesn't understand 1070, he can come to my cell and I will explain it to him!  I don't find Dupnik to be a very intelligent and articulate human being, especially when he gets on the news and says, "that law is stupid and racist."  I want to ask, "Did you read it, dumbass?" It's a federal law!  He's a disgrace to his badge--he needs to retire.

April 21, 2010

Shawna on Rob Krentz

Rob Krentz was my friend.  I told him a year ago to stop going out by himself and not to approach illegal aliens because they will kill to get a load across.  The La Familia cartel told me, “we will shoot you, the press, law officers—anyone who gets in our way.”


But here’s the issue no one wants to mention:  the biggest criminals are our own law enforcement who accept bribes.  If it’s a cartel, they just let them pass.


The other ugly fact is that Krentz had battled drug trafficking.  When he  saw loads being brought across his property, he would turn them in!  So the question is, was his killing an “accident,” or was it payback for turning them in?  With my extensive knowledge in investigating drug traffickers, I would say it was a hit!  The drug highway is more limited now than in the past, and Krentz’ land happens to be in the middle of a drug route.  Did he witness a payoff or did he refuse a payoff?  These are the probabilities that no one mentions.

Shawna's Oath

This is something Shawna wrote just before she left Washington for Arizona and it bears repeating.  She has said that she was kidnapped by Pima County, but they did not kidnap her politics.  She feels the same now as she did then.  

February 24, 2009

As we are dealing with the most horrendous economic collapse of our country and struggling with daily decisions over basic needs, illegal aliens are collecting our benefits and closing down our medical centers. They are taking our jobs away and our children’s educations, and are demanding from us more, more, and more!!

Our Borders are not secured, and now with civil unrest in Mexico, that leaves our Americans along the southern border unprotected to await assault at any given moment by a flood of illegals, and the daily threats of violence brought on by drug cartels.

Let me state very clearly to all:

I will not be taken off our objective or the goal of all violated Americans,
which is to secure these borders and deport every man, woman, and child that is an illegal alien and to blaze a righteous path of justice toward those who aid and abet these foreign invaders in the destruction of this great nation!  That is my oath.

I will stay the course and lead in this fight with every once of strength and conviction I have; I will not waste energy on matters that do not pertain to this very mission.

It is up to every American to fight for the future of this country; you can
not sit back and expect the government to solve this.  Everyone will need to get involved and to assist our local law enforcement and border patrol agents.

It is a enormous project to defend America, but we are M.A.D. as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.

Knock me down as much as you want; I will get up every time and be even stronger after the fall.

See you at the border,
Semper Fi
Shawna Forde
M.A.D Project

Terrorism Predictions

February 4, 2010

Q:  CIA Chief Leon Panetta has said there will be a terrorist attack in the U.S. in the next 3-6 months.Shawna, where do you think it will come from?

A:  It won't come from the border!  Napolitano, DHS, and the Border Patrol know that radioactive materials have already been brought in by drug mules inside of drug packs.  Some of the mules were taking marijuana out, rolling joints, smoking them, and then dying because the radiation was so intense.  They come in, drop their packs into a well, and then someone else takes them the rest of the way into the interior.

The next terrorist attacks will come from within the U.S., as the terrorist cells and the materials are already here.   Semi-trucks are going to be used to deliver some of the attacks, and the targets will be strategically spread out all over the U.S.  They will be anywhere large numbers of people congregate, such as shopping malls, sports events, etc.    It is likely that in the shopping malls gunmen will enter and shoot everyone in sight. 

One thing people don't realize is that drug cartel violence or terroristic activities are not just occurring  in places like Mexico; this violence is here in America right now.  Americans go to Mexico to perform cartel hits, just as Mexicans come here to do the same.  In some cases, the cartels use native-born Americans to perform their executions here in the United States.  So not only do we have to be concerned about the enemy south of the border, we need to look at the enemies within.

2010 will be a challenging year, and it will get worse before it will get better.


Shawna Forde Supports Law Enforcement When It's Not Corrupt

Shawna's Thoughts on American History and Politics

November 30, 2009  


All of America lies at the end of the wilderness road, and our past is not dead, but lives in us.  Our forefathers had civilization inside themselves, and the wild outside.  We live in the civilization they created, but within us the wilderness still lingers.  What they dreamed, we live, and what they lived, we dream. 

Arizona Tea Party April 15, 2009

Shawna Speaks on Her Life

This was received 4 weeks ago from Shawna. It seems even more apropos now than it did then.

October 25, 2009

I have a stalker. His name is Scott North. And to a lesser degree, other reporters in Arizona have repeated his slander and lies.

I don’t know why Scott is so obsessed with me. Could it be because he shares offices with La Raza? I wonder how much he is being paid to dig up dirt on me.

I’m in jail facing the death penalty for 2 counts of first degree murder, yet these charges concern me less, because I am innocent and will prove that at trial.

I am concerned that there are reporters who wield their words as spin and propaganda instead of the truth, who mislead readers. In their hands, gossip and hearsay are transformed into “facts and truths.”

Scott North is desperate for material, and his infatuation with me is bizarre and a bit boring.

My ex-husband and I agreed upon a divorce; he wanted me at home, and I wanted to be at the border. We owned our property 50/50. We had separate finances and bank accounts. I paid all my bills on time and had outstanding credit. That is how I was able to lease 2 new cars and co-sign for Rena and Ken Caudle’s car. This would not have been possible if I were “broke and homeless,” as North says. I have no more debt than the average American, but I suppose North would make that out to be a crime as well. My divorce was amicable, and this is why you see no slandering statements from either Mr. Forde or, in fact, any of my other former husbands.

Scott North continues to interview people and print their statements without checking their backgrounds. For example, my half-brother, Merill Metzger, is an accused child molester and child pornographer. He was accused of the molestation by his own mother, Rena Caudle, and no longer speaks to her. He has been convicted of domestic violence, and has sold drugs. I discovered all this when I did a background check on him as a result of accepting him for membership in Minuteman American Defense. Of course, I had to remove him once his background was known, and he is angry about this. He’s acting out with media for his “15 minutes of fame” by spinning spurious gossip for attention. As to the ridiculous comment about my telling him he couldn’t eat Mexican food, you may have already read that Chuck Stonex had dinner with Jason and myself at a Mexican seafood restaurant in Tucson!

When several people with degrees and professional backgrounds went to Scott North to make positive statements on my behalf, he disregarded them and continued his witch hunt for me. He didn’t bother to check the facts; it was just “he said/she said.” Anyone who has ever been angry with me or my politics can go to North and have their slander reported as facts. He will just smile and in a greedy way take notes.

I met Tommy Gibler on December 20, 2008, just days before my husband John was shot. We went out a few times. I had no idea that he had a criminal background. Even Tommy told the police that I had no idea! Shortly after John was shot, I was raped, and later shot in the arm. Tommy was supportive and came to the hospital. He helped me move and he was a real friend to me. I later found out about his criminal history. But I’m not God, nor will I do His job to judge others. Tommy never hid or avoided the police; he went to the station with me twice. These are not the actions of a guilty man.

All of us know people who have been in trouble one way or another. North would have you believe I had no friends but criminals.

I have friends from all walks of life: police, firemen, politicians, engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers, and blue collar workers, and yes, some felons, too. I have worked with Presidential candidates, been a campaign manager, been active in the Republican Party. I have been to the mayor’s house on more than one occasion. I have been an active volunteer for homeless shelters, HODWA, etc.

All North wants to report is gossip, but in 22+ years from age 18 to 40 the only crime I committed was walking into Starbucks with milk, and North can’t find anything positive! He is misleading as well. My felony at age 11 was when a group of us children broke into a school and stole ice cream! I was arrested for prostitution at age 14. The charges were dropped, and the cop who arrested me was dismissed from the force.

I was an unwanted, “throw-away” child. I was put into more foster homes than I can remember, and I had behavior problems as a result of it. I am astounded at Scott’s insensitivity and callousness, as well as his propensity for outright lies. I was repeatedly victimized as a child and as a teenager, and now I’m being victimized again by a reporter! There should be a law.

Yes, I had a rough childhood, and I was a teenager on the streets until 15. I was a victim who survived horrendous circumstances. I don’t want Scott North’s callous reporting to send the message that kids are at fault for their situation. Children are not to be blamed for their abuse! Any child under 15 should be dealt with in a compassionate manner. I fear North is instilling fear into victims young and old that no one will believe them or that it is or was their fault. This is how he has made it sound in my situation.

My counselor called him to verify FACTS with him and his editor. They disrespected her and hung up on her. North then interviewed my abuser and printed “I was troubled.” It seems all the adults in my life were innocent and I was guilty from birth! This is why I’m coming forward now. I have listened to his lies for too long.

To all the children and adult victims of child abuse: never allow anyone to place guilt on your past! It’s not YOUR fault! Do not hide, do not look at the ground; look everyone in the eye.

I want to make it clear that I was never a suspect in my husband's shooting or the brutal attacks I suffered. To this day I stand by the knowledge that it was a hit by the drug cartel due to my border activities. The attacks were real.

I want to make it clear I have many friends in the nation who stand by me then and now. Just because you don’t see them in the newspaper, do not be fooled. Remember who wields the power to print and to spin the story.

Let me address the issues with Chuck Stonex: he was on the cusp of being fired by the Board of Directors for collecting money under false pretenses and pocketing it without authorization; it is well-documented with witnesses. He repeatedly violated our Standard Operating Procedure. He is unwelcome in any group or in anyone’s operations along the Southern border. Chuck knows this and is acting like a child throwing a tantrum. He calls himself a “preacher,” but he really should apply the label “judge.”

My point is North quotes these people because they are scum that come out to bash me and get their 15 minutes of fame. He writes about me but doesn’t even check out the people he is taking statements from. North is nothing more than a gossip columnist.

Rena Caudle is the biological mother who was so abusive toward me that Child Protective Services took me away from her when I was less than 2 years old! I do not consider her to be my Mother. I have tried to treat her decently out of duty and honor, but not out of love. She continuously bad-mouths all of her children; many of them do not speak to her, and none of them trust her. She has called CPS and the police on her own adult children in addition to gossiping about them. Then she pretends SHE is the victim. I am ashamed at her life choices and lifestyle.

Rena would not even allow me to bring an American flag into her home, yet she would have North and his readers believe that I discussed my operations and plans with her. I see her maybe twice a year for a few hours. Even my closest friends knew nothing of my operations! Rena started getting irritated when the gifts and support from me stopped and I quit talking to her because I was tired of her trash-talking about my other half-siblings.

I forgive my half-brother and my biological mother for their pride and ego, for wanting to be in the press and using it as a platform to make me into a monster. They are little people in a small world who have no idea the perplexity of my sacrifices. They have been used by North, and you cannot correct stupid.

I feel I do not warrant this much attention when there are so many other issues that demand action. Snohomish County is full of corruption and has a very high rate of unemployment. Mr. North has either become obsessed or is under pressure from La Raza. I have come forward after all this time because of the message of shame and fear which is being sent to victims of child abuse. People like North who become so focused on targeting certain people for the purpose of selling newspapers lack sensitivity and morals.

Shawna Forde Supporting Sheriff Joe in Guadalupe, AZ

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